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Mammogram Monday

Annual screening/baseline mammogram for women age 35+ every Monday 8:30am – 3:30 pm, no appt. needed. Call (507) 934-7632 for more info.  River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic participates in the Minnesota SAGE breast and cervical cancer program.  For more information click here:


Urgent Care – opening March 14 in a new location

Urgent Care services will be located in the River’s Edge Specialty Clinic

Park in the south parking lot and use the Clinic entrance doors.

Urgent Care Hours:

Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday, Sundays & Holidays 8 a.m – 8 p.m.


Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

When you schedule an appointment at The Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic  in Mankato for hip or knee replacement,  you will have your surgery at River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic in St. Peter.  The collaboration between OFC and River’s Edge is called OrthoEdge.

This video introduces you to the hospital and what to expect before, during and after your surgery.  Click on the link to watch


Direct Access Lab Testing


Direct Access Laboratory Testing (DALT) is a convenient way for patients to receive commonly asked for tests without an order from their physician. People who want to manage their health on a more regular basis or have a high deductible health plan or no insurance can take advantage of this service.

Tests such as glucose, A1C for diabetes and cholesterol tests are available and range in price from $5.25 to $45 per test. No appointment is needed and tests are paid for in advance.


River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic provides care to patients throughout the greater St. Peter area including Mankato, Le Sueur and Le Center, as well as the counties of Nicollet, Le Sueur and portions of Sibley and Blue Earth.

About Us

We value quality care, collaboration, stewardship and integrity. Combining state-of-the-art technology and a compassionate medical team, our vision is to deliver care that encompasses all aspects of a person’s health – mind, body and spirit.

Medical Staff

River's Edge Clinic Staff
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    Jennifer Donkin, R.D.

    Certified Diabetes Educator

    RIV 016-Edit-2Jennifer Donkin, R.D.

    Certified Diabetes Educator

    Jennifer Donkin, Registered Dietitian, received her undergraduate degree at The College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, completed her dietetic internship at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, IL and has served on staff at St. John’s Hospital, Springfield, IL and ISJ Regional Medical Center.

    Donkin has provided outpatient nutrition counseling for diabetes/pre-diabetes, weight management, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies and gastrointestinal disorders. She has experience in individual and group education in cardiac & pulmonary rehab and diabetes self-management training. She has obtained the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management. Donkin also is a Certified Diabetes Educator, having additional training and experience in diabetes management.

    Donkin and her family enjoy gardening, biking, down-hill skiing and hiking.

Patient And Visitor Information


At River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic, we consider it a privilege to serve you and your family for your health care needs.  River’s Edge provides a wide range of health care services at its facility.  We combine sophisticated state-of-the-art technology with compassionate care, collaboration, stewardship and integrity.

Visiting Guidelines

Visitors can be good medicine for patients.  Family members and friends are welcome to visit.  Although there are no set visiting hours for most patient care areas, patient care is our primary concern at River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic.  In order to enhance the quality of care, visits are encouraged but up to the discretion of the patient, doctor and nursing staff.  Children may visit but must be accompanied by an adult at all times, whether in the patient’s room, lobby or waiting areas.

Departments And Services

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    Emergency Room & Urgent Care

    3Emergency Room & Urgent Care

    River’s Edge Hospital Emergency Department is designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the Minnesota Department of Health.  Our Emergency Room provides quality emergency medical care by emergency medical physicians, and emergency-trained nurses, paramedics and technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. River’s Edge Hospital Emergency Department partners with Allina Health to provide 24-hour TeleHealth Service for stroke assessment and care.  River’s Edge Hospital Emergency Department also has ambulance service and a helicopter landing pad.

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic Urgent Care Department offers convenient urgent care services for non-emergent illnesses or injuries in the evenings or on weekends and holidays. Urgent Care hours are Monday – Friday 3 p .m. – 10 p.m., weekends and holidays 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. .  River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic Urgent Care Department is a walk-in clinic and no appointment is necessary. Urgent Care medical services are can be accessed by using the Emergency Room door.

    **STARTING MARCH 14, Urgent Care will be located in the specialty clinic at River’s Edge.  Please park in the south parking lot and use the Clinic entrance.

    If you are in need of immediate medical care, please call 911.

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    Stroke Assessment

    19Stroke Assessment

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic has partnered with Allina Telehealth Network to provide 24-hour access to acute stroke neurologists via two-way live video and audio consultation.Through the use of technology, the Allina Telehealth Network partners with community hospitals, like River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic, to ensure 24-hour acute stroke neurologists via two-way live video and audio consultation. Board-certified neurologists can perform an exam over the Telehealth equipment while River’s Edge staff remains present and assists during the exam. Following the exam, the neurologist discusses treatment options with the patient, family and physicians. The partnership between Allina Telehealth Network and River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic not only enhances patient care and clinical outcomes but also keeps care local while providing needed experts. It provides timely and differentiating care and service to Southern Minnesota.

    [Read more here]

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    Physical & Occupational Therapy

    PT photoPhysical & Occupational Therapy

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic provides quality physical therapy to improve the health and well-being of patients of all ages. The Physical Therapy Department offers a wide-range of services including athletic injuries, neurologic and stroke rehab, vertigo and TMJ treatment. Customized exercise plans are designed for each individual to promote optimal physical performance, muscular strength and endurance.

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic provides quality occupational therapy to rehabilitate patients of all ages that need help with learning or relearning skills of daily living. The Occupational Therapy Department offers a wide-range of services including hand and arm fractures, fingers, wrists and elbows, lymphedema treatment, and treatment for repetitive strain injuries such as carpel tunnel or tendinitis.

    Physical and occupational therapy appointments are available Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm For more information or to make an appointment, please call (507) 934-7638.

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    Outpatient Specialty Clinic

    6bOutpatient Specialty Clinic

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic includes an Outpatient Specialty Clinic for patients in need of specialized services from partnering physicians. Specialties include, but are not limited to, rheumatology and orthopedics.

    To learn more about River’s Edge outpatient services call (507) 934-7627.

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    Ambulance Services

    2bAmbulance Services

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic provides quality emergency ambulance services to the greater St. Peter area. Hospital-employed, on-site emergency medical staff offers basic and advanced life support services.

    If you are in need of immediate medical care, please call 911.

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    Swing Bed & Medical Services

    9Swing Bed & Medical Services

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic offers 24-hour swing bed and acute inpatient services with quality personalized care. All rooms are private with a private bathroom & shower. Services includes planning for their care, anticipating discharge needs and facilitate services needed after discharge. Swing bed services offer convenient availability of ancillary services including laboratory testing, radiology, cardiac echoes as well as occupational, physical and speech therapy.

    For more information on swing bed, transitional care or acute inpatient services call (507) 934-8453.

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    Surgical Services

    7bSurgical Services

    River’s Edge Hospital offers quality inpatient and outpatient surgery services for a variety of procedures that include, but are not limited to:

    • Orthopedics
    • Podiatry
    • Cataracts
    • Colonoscopy Services
    • Hernias
    • Gall Bladders
    • Endoscopy
    • Urology
    • Knee & Hip Replacements

    To learn more about River’s Edge surgical services, please call (507) 934-7618. River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic also offers general surgery. For more information or to make an appointment call (507) 934-8480.

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    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    12Cardiac Rehabilitation

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic offers a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program that incorporates prescribed exercise, education and counseling, support and encouragement focused on a patent’s risk factors and their health and well-being. Phase II cardiac rehab has been developed to medically monitor and create supervised programs to help patients recover from cardiac events such heart attacks, heart surgery and heart transplant. Cardiac rehab is a safe and effective way to help reduce the risk of future heart complications and enable individuals to return to previous activities. Phase II cardiac rehab patients receive a team of medical professionals that consist of a supervising physician, registered nurse, pharmacist, dietician, exercise physiologist and social worker. Exercise stress testing is also available to evaluate heart disease and specific signs and symptoms that may be a precursor to a cardiac event.

    For more information on River’s Edge cardiac rehabilitation program or to make an appointment, please call (507) 934-7310.

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    The Hospitalist Program at River’s Edge Hospital provides superior continuity of care for higher acuity patients. Our hospitalists are specially trained physicians who coordinate communication and serve as a patient liaison between family, physicians, specialists and staff ensuring continuity of care. They’re available to support patients throughout their stay here at River’s Edge and after discharge.

    Hospitalist Direct Line: (507) 995-8106

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    Speech Therapy

    8Speech Therapy

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic offers quality speech therapy to help patients who have sustained injury or disease that has impaired their ability to comprehend speech or express themselves verbally. Speech therapy works with patients on:

    • Speech therapy including slurring
    • Voice therapy
    • Language with patients that experience word finding difficulties
    • Swallowing
    • Cognition and memory skills

    For more information or to make an appointment, please call (507) 934-7638.

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    Imaging Services

    Softer%20Mammo%20Provider%20Logo2Imaging Services

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic offers quality imaging services and certified radiologists that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Imaging services include:

    • General radiology
    • Digital mammography that provide patients with more comfortable procedures with faster, detailed images
    • Fluoroscopy
    • Computed tomography (CT) with state-of-the-art scanning that is completed in seconds
    • Bone densitometry, including total body composition
    • State-of-the-art ultrasounds
    • MRI (mobile)
    • Echocardiograms (mobile)
    • Carotid artery ultrasound
    • Nuclear medicine (mobile)

    For more information or to make an appointment, please call (507) 934-7632.

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    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide a variety of laboratory clinical testing to diagnose, monitor and prevent disease. The laboratory provides an outreach lab testing program to other healthcare facilities in the greater St. Peter community and hosts as an internship site for students from South Central College and Rasmussen College. River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic’s laboratory is licensed by Centers for Medical/Medicaid Services with a Certificate of Compliance for High Complex Testing.

    For more information or to make an appointment, please call (507) 934-7632.

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    Infusion & Injection

    17bInfusion & Injection

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic provides quality, flexible 24-hour appointments for infusion and injection services including long-term therapy for chronic health issues, short-term therapy for acute health issues, blood transfusions, injections and central line care. River’s Edge offers personalized care and communicates closely with the patient’s primary care physician and strives to accommodate patient personal schedules.

    For more information about our infusion and injection services, please call (507) 934-7622.

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    Social Services

    13Social Services

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic provides social services to patients and their families to help in areas including:

    • Information and assistance completing advance directives (living wills)
    • Support through illness, recovery, homecare and loss
    • Problem solving to help achieve their goals
    • Contract to resources including assisted living, nursing home, homecare services and equipment

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    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic offers quality inpatient hospice services for patients entering their final stages of a terminal illness.  At River’s Edge, we realize this is a precious time in our patient and family’s life, and work very hard to offer peace, comfort and dignity during this difficult time.  We offer a spacious hospice room with family sleeping accommodations provided to make the patient and family members comfortable. The hospice room offers access to the courtyard where patients and their families can enjoy fresh air, ponds and fountains. Aromatherapy is available upon the patient and family’s request.

    For more information about our inpatient hospice services, please call (507) 934-7681.

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    Sleep Studies

    18bSleep Studies

    River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic partners with Winmar Sleep Diagnsotics to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. The studies are done in a calm, quiet, private room setting. They are performed at REHC by Winmar, who ensures the primary care providers receive the results of the sleep study.

    For more information on sleep studies, please call (507) 934-7681.

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    The OrthoEdge Joint Replacement Program is a specialized program offered exclusively through The Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic in conjunction with River’s Edge Hospital and includes the involvement of your entire care team: surgeon, physician assistant, hospitalist, physical/occupational therapists, nurses, surgical technologists, and many other team members. The program is designed to expedite you safely and comfortably through the joint replacement process and return you to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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    Direct Access Lab

    direct access collage no textDirect Access Lab

    Direct Access Laboratory Testing (DALT) is a convenient way for patients to receive commonly asked for tests without an order from their physician. People who want to manage their health on a more regular basis or have a high deductible health plan or no insurance can take advantage of this service.

    To see frequently asked questions and view available tests, click the link below to download the brochure.

    Direct Access Lab1



Live Well Fitness

Live Well Fitness
St. Peter Campus




River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic Foundation, also known as St. Peter Community Hospital Foundation, supports River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic in the improvement of health care delivery through donations that make new equipment, programs and facilities possible.


Over $225,000 of health care investments to improve patient care, safety and outcomes is attributed to the River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic Foundation. [More]